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Can I File for Bankruptcy Without Losing Unemployment Benefits?
Can I File for Bankruptcy Without Losing Unemployment Benefits?

How Bankruptcy and Unemployment Are Interrelated Facing overwhelming debt can be a scary prospect made worse if you unexpectedly lose your source of income. You may be wondering how you will be able to manage your already mounting payments, and you may attempt to stymie that ...

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Blog posts in Bankruptcy

  • What is an Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy?

    An automatic stay is a provision in bankruptcy that stops creditors and debt collectors from pursuing further legal action during your bankruptcy ...

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  • Can Bankruptcy Save My Home?

    If you’re in jeopardy of home foreclosure, it goes without saying that it’s a stressful and scary situation. Adding credit card debt, and other ...

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  • Top 5 Questions Married Couples Ask About Bankruptcy

    Making the decision to file for bankruptcy isn’t an easy one, and married couples who are struggling to make ends meet have a lot to consider. ...

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  • Everything Married Couples Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

    Being in debt can be very stressful — and not knowing how to get out of it can make your financial woes feel that much more taxing. Making the ...

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  • Filing for Chapter 7 Jointly With Your Spouse

    If you’re a married couple struggling with debt, you aren’t alone. Sometimes, life events — illness, loss of a job — can compromise a couple’s ...

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  • What to Expect From a Joint Bankruptcy?

    ​​​​​​If you and your spouse have exhausted every possibility in resolving debt on your own, it may be time to consider joint bankruptcy. Joint ...

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  • Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect Your Spouse?

    Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect Your Spouse? SHORT ANSWER: In most cases, it does not have to. For example, if the husband files for bankruptcy without ...

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  • Paying Back All Debt vs. Filing Bankruptcy: How do I Choose?

    For many individuals, debt is unavoidable as everyday life sometimes gets in the way. Whether it’s student loans, medical bills, credit cards, taxes ...

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  • What's Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

    If you are experiencing financial hardship and having trouble making ends meet, it is worth exploring all of the options available to ease your ...

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