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Blog Posts in 2018

  • Life After Bankruptcy - Rebuilding Credit

    If you are struggling with massive debt and choose to alleviate it through bankruptcy, you are not alone. Many individuals, no matter their salary, deal with credit card, medical bills, student loans and other types of debt. Due to many misconceptions about bankruptcy , most people are uninformed about how bankruptcy affects credit — with many believing that they will no longer be able to obtain ...
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  • Bankruptcy Basics – Get Informed, Know your Options

    While in the past, bankruptcy has come with a negative connotation, it can be a very positive debt solution for individuals who are having financial difficulty. However, many people struggling with debt don’t know that they have very affordable options available for a fresh start. In many cases information about debt relief options is available with no cash required upfront. If you are in a ...
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  • Can I Stop a Wage Garnishment by Filing Bankruptcy?

    Facing wage garnishment or tax levies is no doubt a harrowing and unpleasant experience. After wage garnishment, many often struggle to cover necessary living expenses — leaving them in an even more stressful and dire financial situation. Not only can filing for bankruptcy stop most (not child support) types of wage garnishment, but it can also take care of other debts. Here are some ways ...
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  • Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13: What's the Difference?

    Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is hard enough — knowing which bankruptcy method is right your financial situation can be even harder if you are unfamiliar with how the process works. While Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are both avenues to achieve debt relief, they each have specific criteria that can determine the best one for your financial situation. Here are the differences: Chapter 7 ...
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  • Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

    The term, “bankruptcy” is often tied to a negative connotation. No one is immune to financial difficulties — even the rich and famous. As a common newsworthy topic, celebrities and sports figures alike, are often put on display through the media and labeled as “bankrupt.” While these terms are often used to stir up buzz and drama for readership and ratings, it has drummed up some unfortunate ...
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